• 7 Transmission Problems You Can’t Ignore

    7 Transmission Problems You Can’t Ignore

    Have you noticed that your car is acting up, such as making strange noises or handling differently than normal on the road? Or is there a peculiar smell coming from your vehicle? There might be a problem with the transmission and it needs immediate attention before it turns into an expensive repair. Learn to recognize

  • Top 10 Reasons For Bad Car Odours

    Top 10 Reasons For Bad Car Odours

    If your vehicle is giving off an unusual or sickening odour, check around the car for possible causes. Bad smells can lead to expensive repairs or health hazards and shouldn’t be ignored. Here are some common bad car smells and their possible causes: Your brakes or clutch need attention Associated smell: Acrid When it smells:



    Benefits of Wheel Alignment If you want to get the most even wear and best performance from your tyres a proper wheel alignment is essential. It provides many benefits, such as: Better fuel economy Safe and predictable vehicle control Reduced wear and tear of tyres and suspension parts Improved braking and steering response A smooth

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