It was a big day for this white pearl beauty to receive so many presents for its first day on the road.

A set of the new and improved LightForce DC-210 LED spotlights sitting on a shiny new bulbar will light its way. They are also fitted with the special LightForce harness to use them as day driving lights and park lights during the night.

The biggest of all presents were the massive 110Ah AGM accessory battery that we have managed to fit in the engine bay. Many have attempted this procedure and failed. It is sitting in a custom-designed battery tray and charged with a humungous 40A REDARC battery charger with a solar panel Anderson plug in the bulbar.
To use all this power, we’ve added dual twin accessory sockets in the tray and a 50A Anderson plug just on top of the trailer plug.
For maximum durability and sleek black look, we covered the tray with a couple of coats of the world’s toughest coating SpeedLiner.


If you’d like a similar set-up, pay us a visit to Sandgate workshop and discover the options for your vehicle. You will receive an accurate quote for the work and equipment that can be fitted and discuss your ideas with one of our skilled electricians of a mechanic.

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