Welcome to the McCormack family John and MILO!

Milo One is one of the most loved a 4WD adventurer. Milo is built on 40 years old Toyota Landcruiser 40 Series by John Rooth and since its first trip in the bush, it’s done 15 years of off-road driving and filming. Along with his owner and builder Roothy, they are now part of the McCormack’s family workshops.
During Milo’s first visit in the workshop, we replaced the alternator, several bushings, all gas struts, serviced the engine and fixed few wiring issues. Milo is one tough Landcruiser that is going on its last trip.

Read more about Roothy and Milo here.


If you’d like a similar set-up, pay us a visit to Sandgate workshop and discover the options for your vehicle. You will receive an accurate quote for the work and equipment that can be fitted and discuss your ideas with one of our skilled electricians of a mechanic.

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