A robust and reliable Redarc Triple Battery System

This 79 series Land Cruiser project started with triple batteries system in mind. We fitted an accessory battery bracket in the engine bay to suit a monster 110Ah AGM power bank and power cables to the 20A in-vehicle CTEK charger.
Fuses and wiring craftsmanship are done to meticulous perfection by our auto electrician.

Next, we’ve added a third slim profile battery behind the back bench seat. It has an outstanding capacity of 120Ah. For reference, one of these batteries can run a 60L fridge/freezer for more than a week.
Not to finish there, we’ve connected a REDARC smart battery isolation relay SBI-12 to feed a rear bumper Anderson plug, which charges a caravan battery and a solar panel plug to supply the accessory batteries in the truck.
We also made a few more improvements for the camping and OffRoad driving experience. A HEMA navigation unit took the place of the redundant rear view mirror, inheriting all the adjustments of the mirror. You can tilt and swivel around to suit your needs. All of its wirings was also carefully run around the windshield and connected behind the dashboard.
Few more essentials we’ve added to this project were the REDARC pillow pod gauges G52-VVA and G52-BET, monitoring starting battery voltage, accessory battery voltage, charging/discharging amperage of the accessory battery. We also added temperature in the fridge, turbo boost pressure, EGT & boost pressure gauge (or pyro gauge) to precisely adjust your towing engine power.
Also, to control the electric trailer brakes, we installed a REDARC TowPRO. It is the best one in the market using G-sensors.
With the new installation, this 79 series Land Cruiser will always have the necessary power when needed.


If you’d like a similar set-up, pay us a visit to our Sandgate workshop and discover the options for your vehicle. You will receive an accurate quote for the work and equipment that can be fitted and discuss your ideas with one of our skilled electricians of a mechanic.

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