Keep Your Car Clean and Coronavirus-free
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Keep Your Car Clean and Coronavirus-free

Tips for disinfecting your car without damaging the interiors

You probably already know the proper technique for washing hands and the importance of keeping your home and workplace clean to kill coronavirus. But how do you disinfect your car’s interiors to be free from viruses and germs?

COVID-19 can live on solid surfaces for up to four days. Germs get easily transferred from public places to your everyday belongings and to your vehicle. That is why it is important to keep your car clean to protect your health.
The dirtiest part of our vehicles is the steering wheel, so it needs additional attention when disinfecting. You should also clean all high-touched surfaces: door handles, handbrake, gear stick, buttons or touch screens, radio, wiper and indicator stalks, door armrests, grab handles, and seat adjusters.

So how do you sanitize those surfaces without damaging them?

Most household cleaners that kill coronavirus on hard surfaces at home can also clean a car without damaging its interior. Chances are, you may already have some of these products at home.

According to the Australian Health Department, alcohol solutions that contain at least 70 percent alcohol are effective against coronavirus. This means that nearly every interior surface can be sanitized with an isopropyl alcohol solution. Soap and water are also safe for most car interiors and destroy COVID-19. Just don’t scrub too hard.
You should not use bleach, hydrogen peroxide, ammonia-based cleaners on the inside of your car. While they are effective in killing coronaviruses on surfaces, they will likely damage your car’s upholstery.

Most car leathers and imitation leathers have urethane coatings for protection, which is safe to disinfect gently with soap and water. And don’t forget to use a good leather cleaner and conditioner afterward.
If your car has fabric upholstery, wash it with a small amount of water and laundry detergent. Make sure not to use too much water as if you soak the fabric you could get suds or end up with mouldy, musty smelling cushions.

It is best to use microfiber cloths for sanitizing because, unlike paper towels, their fabric can capture and clean dirt and dust particles, before they can scratch delicate surfaces.
Once you are done cleaning, don’t forget to wash your hands before and after driving. It’s a good habit to get into, as no matter how well you disinfected your car if your hands are dirty you will spread the germs back on your steering wheel.

Take advantage of our state-of-the-art ultrasonic technology and get extra protection with Anti-Bacterial Air Conditioning Treatment

And if you wish to add extra care into your family’s health we recommend having an Anti-Bacterial Air Conditioning Treatment. It will not only clean the A/C evaporator and air ducts, eliminate unpleasant odours, but will also kill all bacteria and viruses, even insects. We highly recommend having this treatment performed on your air conditioner to reduce bacteria, allergens, and microorganisms from the air, especially if you or someone else, who has been in your car, show symptoms of coronavirus. Please contact McCormacks Auto Service to learn more or request a booking.


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