Prepare Your Car For The Summer Heat
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Prepare Your Car For The Summer Heat

Summer is just around the corner! It’s a great time to hit the great outdoors.  As the days have heated up, people rely more on their cars to enjoy the warm weather.

However, summer can be a tough time for your vehicle. It is frequently operating outside its normal temperature range at this time of the year. And this can cause some issues if your car is not properly prepared for the heat. To ensure your summer is one to remember, we’ve listed some common problems caused by excessive heat and how to avoid them.

So, how to prepare your vehicle for the summer months?

Like we always say, routine maintenance is very important. It is also cheaper than repairs. Now is the perfect time to make sure you address all potential areas of concern. Hence, you can enjoy the hot Australian summer travelling in comfort and making sure you are safe on the road.

Please check our preventive maintenance tips to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly throughout the next heatwave.

How to stay cool during summer?


It’s important to have a working air conditioning system, especially during summer. If you’re concerned it isn’t working properly or haven’t had it checked out for a while it may be worth getting it inspected and ready for the hot weather.

Also, to prevent your system from working harder, than it has to, make sure you replace your air filters regularly. Not only will this allow your air conditioning system to work efficiently but it will improve the air quality inside of your car keeping it fresh and cool at all times. This is a must if you or your passengers suffer from asthma or hay fever.


Be sure to check your cooling system for optimal performance. Don’t forget to inspect the air vents for grime, dirt and debris. Blockages in the airflow of your vehicle could cause your car to overheat. Book your car and we can pressure test the system, diagnose problems and replenish the refrigerant. This will help you avoid a summer breakdown.

How does the heat affect my car under the hood?


Summer heat can take its toll on your car as driving may become more laborious, putting unnecessary strain on your engine. To be sure your vehicle is well lubricated you should check your oil levels regularly. This is especially important for older vehicles, or if you make frequent short trips, or extended trips while hauling trailers and such. Do not skip oil change to avoid complications on your vehicle.


Batteries will fail no matter what time of year it is. But the summer heat can be especially harmful to your battery life. So, if you have a vehicle that is parked outside in the summer months you will want to get the battery checked more often. Make sure to check the cables too. Especially before and after long trips and watch your fluid levels in the hotter months. To prevent any breakdowns and for added peace of mind, stop by McCormack’s Auto Service to have it tested.

What happens to a car’s rubber in summer?


Excessive heat causes the rubber to lose its elasticity, and it wears out your wiper blades faster. You need a good pair of blades for your summer drive and replacing them with silicone rubber provides improved visibility and durability.


Extreme summer heat can magnify tyre problems causing tyres to flex more. Cracks, rot or other problems can quickly lead to tyre failure. Keep your tyres inflated to the proper level, rotate and balance them every 10,000km, and watch for signs of wear in case they need replacing.

We hope our tips have given you some insight on how to protect your car from the summer heat ahead. Take the time to take care of your vehicle. So, you will have peace of mind knowing that your car is summer-ready, whether it’s your daily commute or an epic road trip. If you are looking to have your vehicle in top shape for the coming season, give us a call to schedule your next service.


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