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Mechanical Servicing

Hand with wrench. Auto mechanic in car repair
Hand with wrench. Auto mechanic in car repair
Hand with wrench. Auto mechanic in car repair

Logbook Servicing

McCormack’s Auto Service can provide logbook servicing which will not void your warranty.
Your motor vehicle, it is your choice on who or where your vehicle is serviced.
Here at McCormack’s Auto Service we follow all procedures advised by the vehicles manufacturer, we also stamp your vehicles log book as a record of maintenance which is important when it comes to resale of your vehicle.


Capped Price Servicing

McCormack’s Auto Service is doing capped price servicing to match your manufacturers price without the upselling.

If you provide your paper work of your vehicle and the pricing structure, we will match or better your capped price service.

You can rely on us to have your vehicle right with our tradesman technicians working on your vehicle.

At McCormack’s Auto Service we are a family business providing a one on one relationship with our customers and providing service for the life of your vehicle.


General Servicing

McCormack’s Auto Service’s experience is second to none in mechanical repairs.

Our general service is structured so our technicians perform the same service every time.

Our fully equipped workshop can supply a top quality repair to any vehicle.

We have 4 tradesman mechanics and two apprentices, being so our cycle time is our number one priority for our customers.

In our service we adjust brakes, grease all lubrication points, test fluids and all other components on your vehicle.

We provide our customers with a full report and a phone call before we commence with any work.

All parts used by McCormack’s Auto Service are premium brands and also provide our company with a quality guarantee.

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