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Transmission- Gearbox

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Is your transmission not shifting right?

At McCormack’s Auto Service we can service and repair most transmissions on the market. Your transmission needs servicing normally every 40 to 60,000kms depending on your normal driving conditions.

Some transmissions have a filter in the base of the transmission pan which can be replaced also.

We have state of the art transmission flush equipment which flushes all the existing dirty contaminated fluid and replaces it with new fluid.

Manual transmissions (gearbox) can be serviced with a simple change of gear oil or the hydraulic side of your system may fail if it is not adjusted or flushed correctly.

Your clutch fluid should be flushed in conjunction with your brake system as brake fluid is also used in the clutch system.

Your clutch is also an important part of your vehicle. Does your vehicle have a shudder or is your clutch slipping?

McCormack’s Auto Service can offer you all clutch repairs including replacement of heavy duty items required for that Cape York trip. Our fully trained staff is up to date with the latest clutch technology.

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