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If you have a passion for Four Wheel driving, touring or 4×4 adventures, you definitely need to visit the industry specialists in 4WD accessories and fit-outs – McCormack’s 4WD.

From building the ultimate off-road vehicle to advanced remapping and dyno tuning for optimized vehicle’s performance to servicing, or a range of premium 4×4 accessories, we’ve got your 4WD needs covered. Whether that be a dual battery system to power up your adventure, a bull bar for a more aggressive look, high-performance off-road tyres, or a Safari Snorkel for better engine performance, we can help you design the best solution for your 4WD.


4WD Servicing, Performance and Accessories

Our customers understand that regular maintenance is essential for 4WD safety. 4×4 vehicles are faced with all kinds of conditions and environments. They can go through water, sand, mud, or rugged mountain terrain. Or tow a campervan, boat or caravan. That is why 4WD vehicles need proper care and maintenance to ensure optimal performance.

Our qualified and experienced mechanics use only quality parts that are approved by the vehicles manufacturer. All servicing is carried out to manufacturers specifications, therefore, keeping your new car warranty validated. See for yourself why so many customers are taking their vehicles to McCormack’s 4WD. Experience the difference and book your 4WD for servicing or repairs. We also offer capped price servicing to match the dealers. Our advantage is the transparent advice, personalised care and the highest quality workmanship from the 4WD gurus.

We can also help you get the ultimate performance out of your 4WD vehicle. We cater for both diesel and petrol cars. Our performance upgrades will help you increase power and torque and reduce fuel consumption for your 4WD. We offer customised and personalised service and will help you enhance your vehicle based on your needs.

You might require a number of additional items to suit your specific adventure or touring needs. Our experienced team can recommend and install the highest quality 4WD accessories to ensure you are covered when you need them most. Here at McCormack’s, we are the pre-trip preparation specialists and can give you advice for your vehicle’s ultimate performance. As pre-trip preparation is the key to all 4WDing, we only use quality parts backed with warranties from the manufacture. Additionally, we provide our in-house warranty of 12 months for any repairs.

Get in touch if you’re planning your next 4WD modification. Along with expertise come the best brands, and we have them all. ARB, MAX, ECB, Redarc, Safari Snorkel, Airbag Man, CouplerTec, Method wheels and more.  We install bull bars, snorkels, air suspension, exhausts, roof racks, winches and more. Whatever your needs might be, we will make sure you are ready for your next off-road adventure.

McCormack’s 4WD is proud to bring you the very best 4×4 accessories online and in-store. If you’re looking for the perfect upgrade for your next off-road adventure or need to service your car, visit our 4WD shop.


At McCormack’s Auto Service we pride ourselves on this superior customer service and our high standards of quality workmanship. We value our customers above all else. Contact us for a quote today.

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