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Car Tuning/ Remapping for diesel and petrol engines

McCormack’s Auto Service -tuning the engine of your car to its optimal performance! Increase power and torque of your engine and reduce fuel consumption.

The Engine Tuning Process

Performance engine tuning, also known as remapping or chip tuning, is the process of modifying the engine’s parameters to get more power and improve fuel economy. In the past, the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) was modified by swapping a microchip with an improved version. Nowadays, those alterations are performed via a laptop by overwriting the existing settings with a new customized software, staying within safe limits.

Benefits of Engine Tuning / Remapping

Performance engine tuning is a complex and comprehensive procedure that can significantly improve engine torque and power, and improve fuel economy. More torque means better throttle response for maintaining the same cruising speed. Other benefits include 20% to 30% power increase and 10% to 20% decrease in fuel consumption. You will notice the difference from the first ride.


  • Dyno Explained

    A dynamometer or dyno for short, is a device for simultaneously measuring force, torque, and power. The vehicle is driven onto the dyno and we perform a run, evaluating road driving conditions at different speeds, RPMs, elevations and loads. The dyno’s computer generates a graph to show the torque and power that the car produces within a RPM range. We can also gather other data, depending on the vehicle, including air fuel ratio and turbo boost pressure.

  • The McCormack’s Auto Service Custom Dyno Tuning Advantage

    You can have it all: incredible horsepower along with drivability and reliability. That is the McCormack’s Auto Service Advantage.

    Our state-of-the-art dynamometer provides us with an excellent machine for reliable and safe tuning. We can custom tune 2WD and 4WD vehicles and ensure the most efficient power possible and improve torque, response and fuel efficiency.

    All of our custom tuning files are exclusively created by our skilled technicians. They are a 100% customised to each vehicle, based on your specific needs, also considering the engine condition and age. We will unleash the hidden performance of your vehicle and you will notice the difference from the first ride in your enhanced car.

  • Is Engine Tuning Safe For Your Car?

    When carried out professionally, performance engine tuning is a safe and harmless modification. At McCormacks Auto Service we enhance and optimise the power of the engine, staying within the factory safety parameters. Also, if you ever need your car put back to original, we always keep a secured copy of your vehicle’s original file settings as a backup. We can easily revert the tuned file at no additional cost.

  • Why Don’t Car Manufacturers Do It?

    Because car manufacturers sell their vehicles on various markets, and their priority is the majority of buyers, they follow the principle of standardization to achieve an optimal balance between investment and quality.

    Each country, however, has its own features. This means that a vehicle would be operating in different conditions. That may include different climates, altitudes, humidity, fuel quality, emissions regulations, tax systems, servicing standards, etc. Having all those factors in mind, car manufacturers create generic software for each vehicle. The engine is built to suit the average driving conditions in each country and to minimize the chance of problems occurring. As a result, the vehicles overall performance is not fully optimized.


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