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Is your car air conditioning not blowing cold?

The most common causes of broken air conditioning are leaks or compressor issues. If your air is blowing cool but not cold, the problem could be a clogged filter, cooling fan problem or radiator trouble. Don’t tolerate a humid hot, uncomfortable car. Call us today to diagnose your specific climate control problem, and get an accurate quote on the parts and repairs. We also offer car airconditioning bacteria treatment that will also get rid of bad smell in the car. Read more about the bad odours in the car and how to prevent them here.

At McCormack’s Auto Service we can help you get back on the road as quick and cool as possible. We offer services ranging from your basic Air Conditioning service to replacing key components to have it running perfectly for you.

We recommend servicing your air conditioning system every 12 months. The reason being, 10% of air conditioning permeates from the system every year. It will also absorb moisture through the hoses, O-rings and plastic components. These can also become blocked with debris.

At McCormack’s Auto service we can service any of your air conditioning requirements.

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Often, when your car air-conditioning is not blowing cold, it may require a regas. Vehicle air-conditioners have rubber and plastic components which let the aircon gas out over time. They are porous materials, which is why there is refrigerant loss in car airconditioning systems.

Filter driers are exactly what they sound like, they are filters. They filter the refrigerant inside the ac system. Filter driers need to be able to trap and contain moisture, acid, contaminants and wax from circulating throughout the air conditioner. They need replacing every 5 years.

Your cabin filter has probably never been changed yet it is the filter through which your air-con system draws air. If it’s blocked or degraded it will be reducing the economy of your air con system and possibly be allowing contaminants in. Read more about it here.

Clean your car! There’s no good in cleaning your air con of mould if you have it growing under the seats!

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When we perform a full system re-gas we empty the system completely and refill it with clean gas which will ensure your air-con stays fresher for longer. A full air-con re-gas will take approximately one hour and can be completed while you wait.


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