A primary function of any vehicle’s suspension is to provide a smooth, comfortable ride even on the bumpiest track. As well as this, one of the main roles of your vehicle’s suspension is to allow the maximum opportunity for all four tyres to remain in contact with the road. This helps the braking, steering and driving systems of your car to remain safe, effective and responsive when you need them most. If your suspension system is not kept in good condition, the safety of those travelling in your vehicle are at risk, so it is to your advantage that it is kept in exceptional order.

For an expert vehicle suspension service, choose McCormack’s Tyre and Suspension. Our knowledgeable staff have knowledge from on-road sports performance to off-road handling, including 4WD lift kits, suspension repairs, replacements and servicing. We provide high-performance suspension and handling enhancement kits to help you get the best handling and grip from your vehicle.


At McCormack’s Auto Service we pride ourselves on this superior customer service and our high standards of quality workmanship. We value our customers above all else. Contact us for a quote today.

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  • How do you know if your suspension needs to be repaired?

    When driving if your car is making funny noises by your wheels when turning or going over bumps than your suspension most likely needs to be repaired. When you are driving listen out for any odd squeaks or bumps in both the rear and front of your car. Check out our suspension service page which will help diagnose your suspension problem.

  • How do you know if your suspension is broken?

    If you’re having difficulty driving, turning, steering straight are hearing any type of squeak or bump in the front/rear of the car then there is most likely something wrong with your car’s suspension. Visit fulcrum suspensions for a free suspension check to determine what is wrong with your car’s suspension.

  • What are some common suspension problems?

    There are a few common suspension problems our workshop constantly see and fix straight away.

    • Wheel alignment issues, customers steering is not aligned correctly.
    • OE rubber bushings are worn or broken and need to be replaced.
    • Shock absorbers need to be replaced
    • Wrong suspension component was installed and needs to be replaced
    • A suspension component was installed and no wheel alignment was done
    • New tyres were installed with no wheel alignment done
    • The suspension was never inspected by a suspension specialist
    • Illegal lift kits are installed on 4WDs
    • The wrong lift kit springs have been installed onto a 4WD, messing up the vehicles ride height


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